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Leven en wonen in het buitenland kent veel uitdagingen. Soms word je daarbij geconfronteerd met specifieke problemen gerelateerd aan leven in het buitenland. Ook kunnen problemen je parten spelen, die niet direct verband houden met je verblijf in het buitenland. Psycholoog Den Bosch helpt je in je moedertaal de problemen op te lossen. Ook consulten per videobellen.

Therapy or counseling in English

Experienced English-speaking psychologist, counsellor for psychological problems and life counseling in English. Read on...

Therapie oder Beratung auf Deutsch

Erfahrene deutschsprachige Psychologe, Beraterin für psychologische Probleme und Lebensberatung auf Deutsch. Mehr lesen...

Therapy for Expats

To be an expat in The Netherlands, or anywhere else means accepting a new culture and a different set of values. That sounds easy, but in reality it can be quite an exhausting experience. Being an expat is a life adventure, but not always an easy one. It is a demanding lifestyle and therefore its is important to get advice or counseling when needed.

Therapy in Den Bosch for various problems

• isolation
• loneliness
repatriate adjustment

Counseling and treatment of other problems

Psychologist Den Bosch also treats various problems that are not directly related to the expat status, such as:
  • anxiety (disorders)
  • grief and loss
  • stress and burnout
  • trauma or PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)
  • depression
  • eating disorder or eating problem
  • problems with being gifted and highly-sensitive
  • obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • relationship problems in couples therapy
  • parenting problems
  • concentration problems
  • uncertainty, shame
  • bad sleeping or poor sleep
  • attachment problems

  • Expat spouse - Couples therapy

    Even though you as an expat spouse may be a highly educated woman, in your new home, you are probably not allowed to have a job. This limitation can strip you of an important source of social contact, identity, and self-worth, especially when friends and family are far away. This contrasts sharply with the days of your husband, which are structured by his job, and the days of your kids, which are structured by school. The best way to describe this is probably; you feel that your life has come to a standstill. Ofcourse there are several causes for relationship problems. You can solve them with relationship therapy.

    Counseling for expat parent - Child Therapy

    It is crucial that your child soaks up as much of the other culture as possible, even if you, as a parent do not like some of the aspects. However, most children with adaptation difficulties, do not feel secure enough to explore the world. It can be helpful to your child to plan a few sessions at Psychologist Den Bosch to help him/her feel more confident even in other culture. I can also offer you, the expat parent, practical tools and clear instructions for improvement.

    Therapy at English-speaking Psychologist

    Therapy in English. Auch Behandlung auf Deutsch möglich.

    In my work psychological insight and psychic abilities do reinforce each other. Therefore we can start immediately with therapy. As I strongly work from intuition I am able to identify issues quickly. I give you insight into your problems, situation and personality and clear instructions on how to deal with difficult situations in a different way. A way that is feasible and suits you. You then have immediate results and do not have to undergo an extensive intake procedure. In addition, it is not necessary to prepare for a session. I give therapy in English. Aber auch Therapie auf Deutsch.

    For information about the treatment of expat problems and other problems at Psychologist Den Bosch, please click treatment.

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